The described dog is guaranteed to be free of any health or temperament irregularities  for
the first 72 hours or at first office visit within 2 weeks.  It is recommended that the buyer have the
dog examined by a licensed vet during this time period.  In the event the buyer does not seek a
vet during this time no exchange of dog will be provided  should the dog become ill.

Granite Gable dogs are tested at the appropriate age for hips, thyroid/vwd/eyes.    This pup is
guaranteed to be free of any hereditary defects which develop to the extent of rendering the dog
unsuitable as a pet, up to the age of 2 years.  Medical proof of any claim must be provided to the
seller by a  veterinarian.  The seller reserves the right to obtain a second opinion or take
additional tests at the sellers expense for any illness or defects and prior to any treatment in any
and all medical issues at a vet of sellers choice.    

REPLACEMENT:  If replacement is necessary, the buyer shall be entitled to a replacement of
similar quality and same sex when one becomes available.  Granite Gables does NOT have a
refund policy or Vet expense policy only a replacement policy.   At no time is Granite Gables
responsible for medical bills incurred by the buyer for any reason unless agreed to in written
form  by the seller prior to any expense. .

REGISTRATION PAPERS: The buyer agrees to spay or neuter this animal within six
months of age.  The buyer understands that this dog is not intended for breeding and will be sold
on limited  AKC registration.  All Granite Gables Pups must be registered with AKC.  

All Guarantees are void if there are signs of neglect or abuse on the part of the buyer or  If
the buyer breeds this dog.  Buyer guarantees to Seller he/she is not part of a pet store, puppy
mill buying this dog for resale and will provide the above dog with the highest standard of care.

In the event this dog is found to be bred buyer will forfeit ownership of this dog and return the
dog at NO charge to the seller.  Any and all legal fees to enforce this will be paid by the buyer.  
All actions to enforce this contract will be within the county where the seller lives at the time of the

Seller: _________________________________________________
Granite Gables Shetland Sheepdogs        
Rose Marie & Bill Doran
701 Serenity Lane             Grants Pass, Or 97526                  541-479-3427
email:        Website:

Name: _______________    
Address:______________________      Phone # _________ email address____________

Granite Gables agrees to sell the following dog on _(date) to the above buyer.  
Date of Birth________Color__________Sire:__________Dam______ for the purchase
of (see website for current prices) in the form of cash, money order or cashier check
at time of pick up.